The most efficient and complete way to assess a consumers' creditworthiness​

Consumer underwriting by I-Finance Services is flexible and efficient. We can assess your customers manually, but also fully automated based on PSD2 (open banking), source data and recorded payment behavior.

As we are able to set up our customer acceptance services fully according to your requirements and link them to your systems, you will save significantly on your operational costs.

Over 100,000 Consumer Assesments​

Fully automated or partly manual based on your underwriting criteria.

Insurers, energy suppliers, lenders and gambling providers. These organisations all deal with consumer underwriting. It is a crucial operational process which is even mandatory for some of our partners. A solid customer assessment contributes to improved financial results and prevents the risk of poor paying customers.

We assess the creditworthiness by using the MyCreditscore MyBank application. MyCreditscore analyses and classifies the consumer's banking transactions of the most recent 90 days.

In addition to MyCreditscore's MyBank solution, we also use their credit score. This score is based on the full financial situation and registered payment history at several external databases such as Experian, Focum, EDR Credit Services and the BKR.

Curious about the possibilities

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