Casino betting limit

Betting Limit (Affordability Check) for Casinos

The Netherlands Gambling Authority (Ksa) has announced its updated Responsible Gaming Policy Rules. In anticipation of the expected new policy to be implemented in the second quarter of 2024, I-Finance Services introduces the affordability check, now officially available to online operators. This tool is designed to help casinos adapt to this policy and provides players with a way to better understand their gaming budget, creating a safer gambling environment that supports casino operations and promotes player well-being.

Our Technology: Advanced, Reliable, Safe

Our affordability check enables casinos to establish a customized betting limit for each player, based on a thorough analysis of their financial situation. This approach not only aids in complying with the requirements of the new legislation but also promotes a safe gambling environment where players can responsibly enjoy their gaming experience.

Benefits for Casinos

  • Compliance with Regulations: Our tool ensures that your casino meets the latest regulatory and duty of care requirements.
  • Player Protection: Provides an additional layer of protection for your customers by proactively addressing gambling-related financial risks.
  • Strengthen Customer Trust: Show your commitment to responsible gambling, which strengthens the trust and loyalty of your customers.
  • User-Friendly: Our solution is designed with ease of use in mind for both casinos and their customers.

Towards a Responsible Future Together

By integrating our affordability check, you take a proactive step in protecting your players and ensuring the continuity of your business against the challenges brought by new legislation. Let us help you create a safe, transparent, and responsible gambling environment.

Why I-Finance Services?

Our team is continually working to refine our tools to ensure they not only meet industry standards and regulations but also genuinely add value for both casinos and players. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with a realistic understanding of the gambling industry's needs, makes us a reliable partner in facilitating responsible gambling.

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