Partnership between I-Finance Services and The NVF

Announcement of Collaboration: I-Finance Services and the Dutch Association of Financing Advisors and Brokers (NVF)NVF)

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Dutch Association of Financing Advisors and Brokers (NVF). This partnership marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide innovative solutions within the financial services sector.

“Our recruitment and selection service is specially designed to meet the growing demand for skilled personnel in the consumer credit sector. The intermediary, responsible for 80% of the total credit production, is a crucial part of the chain. With our experience as a provider and servicer of consumer credits, we understand the unique needs of this sector like no other. This enables us to introduce the right candidates more efficiently and with greater precision,” says Dion van Duijn, ‘’Sales & Marketing’’ bij I-Finance Services.

We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration offers and look forward to a fruitful partnership with the NVF. Together, we aim to enhance the financial services industry and create new opportunities within our sector.

"Finding highly qualified personnel in our industry is an increasing challenge. This need can now be met by I-Finance Services," adds Klaas-Jan Dantuma of the NVF. 

For more information about our services or this collaboration, please contact us via or call +31 70 – 452 5462.